Precautions for the use of laser pipe cutting machine

Source:Zhangjiagang Yuetai Machinery Science Technology Co., Ltd. Release time:2021-09-17 09:14:27 Author:1109

Before each operation of the laser pipe cutting machine, the back door of the automatic pipe cutting machine must be opened to check the tightness of the V-belt, and it cannot be loose or too tight. The transmission chain, sprocket, worm gear, filament rod, and guide rails of all parts must be lubricated with mechanical lubricant.
2) The V-belt of the spindle motor should be tightened frequently. After the belt is sent, the linear speed of the diamond cutter will decrease, which will not only cut the test piece but also seriously damage the blade and equipment.
3) After turning on the power of the laser pipe cutting machine, you must first click the button of the main unit to see if the turning arrow indicates the direction. It must be turned correctly, otherwise it will fly out to a low level after starting the main shaft, and the fast forward and fast reverse travel switch is wrong. Action and damage the equipment.
4). When the cutting knife of the laser pipe cutting machine moves to the end and retreats, the blade must be completely separated from the test piece before the tap water can be turned off, and then the sealed door can be opened to take out the test piece.
5). The diamond cutter of laser pipe cutting machine is a valuable product. Try to avoid impact when clamping the rock, so as not to deform the blade and affect the cutting quality.
6) During normal cutting, never press the fast forward button of the automatic pipe cutting machine. Otherwise, the rapid feed will damage the blade and the machine.
7). If abnormal noise is found in the host during the cutting process of the laser pipe cutting machine, the tool should be withdrawn immediately and shut down for inspection.

8). At any time, pay attention to whether the flow of the cooling water of the laser pipe cutting machine is sufficient, in case the cooling water is not enough, which will aggravate the blade of the cutting machine or become stuck.