What aspects should be considered when choosing a pipe cutting machine

Source:Zhangjiagang Yuetai Machinery Science Technology Co., Ltd. Release time:2021-09-17 09:44:53 Author:896

A good automatic pipe cutting machine must meet the work needs of customers. If you choose a pipe cutting machine that suits you, every user is more concerned about it. Our company is an enterprise that has been producing pipe cutting machines for many years. The following points should be considered for the selection of pipe cutting machine:
1. Whether there are special requirements for cutting. For example, requirements for length accuracy, requirements for burrs on the cutting surface, etc.
2. Provide the material, shape (round tube or square tube, or other special shape), size (including thickness) of the material to be cut, and whether it needs to be cut at 45 degrees (if it is a bar, special instructions are required). Different pipe cutting machines have different sizes of materials that can be processed; different materials require different pipe cutting machine power; the same pipe cutting machine, the size of the material cut at 45 degrees is often more than 90 degrees. To be small. Generally speaking, for relatively small iron pipes and copper pipes, type 275 is basically acceptable; if cutting stainless steel pipes, it is recommended to consider using type 300 or type 315.