How about the core competitiveness of the pipe cutting machine

Source:Zhangjiagang Yuetai Machinery Science Technology Co., Ltd. Release time:2021-09-17 09:47:21 Author:1165

Zhangjiagang Yuetai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of pipe cutting machines and laser pipe cutting machines. When it comes to the core competitiveness of pipe cutting machines, "famous brand product agency" is almost one of the core capabilities that everyone thinks of first and cannot be denied. Excellent product quality, low failure rate, low energy consumption, high added value and other characteristics are the key reasons for the success of all "brand-name products".
Most of the companies that have the agency rights of "famous brand products" for pipe cutting machines, driven by the rigid market demand, have far surpassed those that have the agency rights of second- and third-tier brands. However, analyzing the industry reports for the first half of 2009, it can be found that some companies that have mastered the "brand-name product agency rights" of fully automatic pipe cutting machines are their core advantages, and the sales performance of agency companies with strong "brand dependence" has declined significantly. It can be seen that the anti-risk ability of "famous brand product agency rights" has become smaller and smaller. In addition, the overall decline in profits in the pipe cutting machine industry is becoming more and more obvious. Competing brands are emerging one after another, and customer needs are becoming more and more diversified. We can assert that we have One or several "brand-name product agency rights" can no longer become a decisive factor for pipe cutting machinery agents to win in the market.